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Give yourself and your business partner time and space to step out of your environment together and reflect on your equality.

Business partners have started a business 'together' for a reason. For both there are apparently more advantages than running a company 'solo'.
You are equal, but not equal. The trick is therefore to do business together as Yin & Yang. Yin & Yang stands for a dynamic process, it is able to adapt. Yin & Yang are interconnected, one makes the other, complementary, equal and yet different.

Without each other you have less right to exist in business. You have already discovered that you have complementary values, BUT…
• are you still interconnected?
• are the 'noses' still pointing in the same direction?
• do you still live your own entrepreneurial desire?
• do you know the values and qualities of yourself and your business partner?

Equivalente is the solution!

This week's main theme is EQUALITY. A combination of hard work and working with your heart. Accompanied by two creative and 'conscious' hosts, Vanessa Buisman and Marion Langhout

  • You will discover your own values and those of your business partner
  • You will recognize these values in yourself and each other
  • You are going to make a business plan together
  • And finally a plan to implement the plan made

The goal? To make 2023 a business success, made possible by a successful collaboration!


Villa Fahala, Málaga Spain

Escape your daily business and hide in this beautiful boutique villa in Andalusia to work ON your business. Where you are fully cared for, guided by a creative concept coach and a holistic business coach. We will work together, but of course there will be plenty occasions for you to be on your own. For contemplation, exercise or massages.

Masterminding, sharing experiences

Tap into the wisdom of a smart and ambitious crowd. For more insights and new bright ideas. In the villa there are 12 experienced, smart and entrepreneurial women. A chance for everyone to mastermind, receive and give inspiration.

This is for you if..

This week is designed to bring your business partnership and your business to the next level. The Equivalente Retreat is for you if:

  1. You want to invest to keep your business partnership healthy, strong and fun.
  2. You both want to take a step back to reflect and work on clarity and direction to define your goals for 2023.
  3. Develop the strategy, marketing and planning to start 2023 well prepared and aligned. To realise the results you want.
  4. You want peace in your mind and body to be able to think straight and strong.

You want to have a good time!

The Program

The program is a combination of conscious leadership and creative business strategy. Under the guidance of holistisch business coach Marion Langhout and business creative Vanessa Buisman.

Sunday arrival

Pick up from Málaga airport
Private time to settle in
Group opening session
Setting intentions for the week

Day 1 Monday
Body + mind care
Assessment + Goal setting
Mind Walk
Alignment reflection session
Massages (optional)

Day 2 Tuesday
Body + mind care
Strategy 2023
Mind Walk
Strategy 2023
Massages (optional)

Day 3 Wednesday
Free time for integration
Visit Málaga
Sporting activities
Creative work
(Everything is optional)

Day 4 Thursday
Body + mind care
Marketing + Sales 2023
Mind Walk
Organization + Planning 2023
Massages (optional)

Dag 5 Friday
Body + mind care
Creative marketing workshop
Mind Walk
Alignment agreement session
Closing intention circle

Saturday departure
Drop off airport


Working side by side. On a thriving partnership and an evolving Business. Especially for conscious and creative achievers.









Let's chat

If you know this is something you and your business parter like or need. Let's have a chat. So we can let you know in detail what to expect and what you are taking home.

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Your hosts

We, Vanessa Buisman, Business Creative and Marion Langhout, Business Coach and Entrepreneurs for twenty years, have developed this retreat for creative and conscious business partners.

We believe in the power of alignment, energy and connection. Where everybody can bring the best version of herself and uniqueness to the table. So the sum of the two you you is so much more.

About Vanessa

Graduated from Nyenrode, the Dutch leading Business University, she has gained more than 25 years of experience at the creative side of business.

Not so long ago she developed tenders, pitches, strategies and concepts for multi-million dollar projects. In 2020 she decided to use all of her creative business knowledge, expertise and 'magic' to help people to stand out and become successful with their own ideas and build strong companies.

Due to her extensive experience in different kinds of media, she know how to develop 'purple-cow' concepts that attract the attention of the media and resonate with the public.

You will be amazed how she can help to transform your stories and goals into creative concepts that will develop new markets, increase visibility and create the results that you wish to achieve for 2023. 

About Marion

Awareness coach, transformation coach, intuitive coach, life coach, business coach, name it. What is important to her is that she helps people and partners to bring them back to their core. It is the stories of people that she loves, but she also loves to travel, to be on the road, to connect. In the business field she is a coach, officially Intuitive Coach, but she is also an entrepreneur, inspirer, motivator and creative thinker.

Her questions for you are: Where do you get stuck? What are your mutual desires? What is holding you back, as individuals and as a team? And what do you need? You are my central piece of attention and I guide the two of you in finding your answers. In the Equivalente program we will listen to your stories, ask the right questions, have conversations and do exercises. So that 2023 will give you the results you will set out to happen.

Come to Málaga, the place where I chose to live in 2021.

Let's talk.

What travellers said about previous trips

Jess Funke

Vanessa has this amazing capacity to bring clarity to my business ideas, translating what felt more like spaghetti in my mind into a clearly structured strategy and business concept within a matter of minutes.

She encouraged me and helped me bring my big vision to life, breaking it down to a short/medium/long term roadmap leaving me with a clear focus and actionable insights.

I can highly recommend Vanessa's services to anyone business owner or organisation seeking clarity and creative guidance to turn their ideas into a concrete concept.


I had tried in various ways to open my barrier, but it never worked. Whatever route I did. But with this retreat I got insights within two days that were the key.

I discovered a world of possibilities. I suddenly knew for sure which way I wanted to go, what it should look like, but also how I would feel when I succeed.

Designing your own step-by-step plan and being able to take the first steps right away made me walk through my barrier in no time. My wings (creativity, sensitivity) were stuck for years and through this week I can fly again.

It has exceeded my expectations and I got more than I expected. The way Vanessa is as a person and co-creates, the accommodation, the great food, the balance between doing, experiencing and letting go. In short, great. I can recommend this to everyone.

Let's meet

We can imagine that you would like to have more information. Also for us it is important to know who is interested as we carefully select the group. To make sure that everyone benefits from the master minding sessions. Please schedule a call, so that we can meet and talk about your current and desired situation.

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A healthy mind in a healthy body

A wonderful and meaningful week with a combination of growth and relaxation. Because we believe that a relaxed and calm mind comes up with better ideas. So in addition to hard work, there is also time for yoga, mind walks, energetic massages and meditation. All this in a fantastic place. A small boutique hotel in the middle of a green valley. Fully cared for and more; honest food with a good glass of wine. A place with views that lead to insights. Check Villa Fahala.

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